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A Tale of Two Ads

There’s an interesting small-ad in today’s Times. I wonder if the advertiser is someone who’ll become well-known over here?
1955-08-04 Times ad
Perhaps we shall never find out.

Elsewhere, the marriage of a television producer is front page news. The Daily Mirror‘s second lead story is that former ballet dancer Araminta Steer, 23, has married 37-year-old Henry Caldwell, the producer of Café Continental. She is now, it says, “a radio scriptwriter” while Mr Caldwell, “is from Glasgow and was a radio actor on the Scottish Regional Service before the war.”

As it’s something of a slow news day, I won’t save all of this week’s TV Page in The Stage until the weekend. Actually, I fib, I could well have done that, but I can’t wait to share the leading “TeleBrief” story with you as it’s another ‘ad’ story. I quote it in full:

Ad in ‘Stage’ Brought CTV Approach

Maie Hurd, Britain’s youngest cat impersonator, has been approached by a nationally famous firm to make television “commercials” following an advertisement in “The Stage”.

The firm’s representative was searching for a cat impersonator and saw Maie’s advert in these columns.

She is the daughter of Alfred B. Hurd, famous animal impersonator of the past. She is playing a resident season at Rhyl in Prince’s International Circus.

It’s good to know that someone, somewhere, is ranking all the people in this niche profession by their age. Let’s hope that Times‘ advertiser has as much success.

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