The world of British television off and on the screen, as it was sixty years ago.

Happy Anniversary

ITV, two days to goThe Times and The Guardian both report that Messrs Denton, Hall and Burgin, solicitors of Gray’s Inn Place, have issued a writ on behalf of Associated British Cinemas asking for an injunction against the Associated Broadcasting Company to restrain them from “producing television programmes under a title which incorporates the initials or abbreviation ABC”.

The Radio Critic (RC) of The Guardian finds the new-look Panorama “almost unrecognisable” but in a good way. “The new Panorama,” RC writes, “with Richard Dimbleby in control, takes the audience out to interesting places or brings people in to meet them. If it keeps up last night’s form it may become the most important live news magazine of the week.”

Tonight, the BBC are repeating the play The Adventurer which was not especially well received the first time round. Earlier in the evening is another Zoo Quest to Guiana, and a Searchlight Tattoo, but acting as centrepiece is a programme in which Wilfred and Mabel Pickles “invite you to share their Silver Wedding Anniversary and look back with them on people and events that have coloured their life together.” Aaah.

Last for today: Mr William Clark, Diplomatic Correspondent of The Observer has a new job. The Prime Minister, Sir Anthony Eden, has appointed him as his personal adviser on public relations – salary £2,750 a year.

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