The world of British television off and on the screen, as it was sixty years ago.

Pier Pressure

At 8pm on Thursday 30 June 1955, the BBC are entertaining us with Pier Pavilion wherein Tommy Trinder introduces artists appearing in one or other of Great Yarmouth’s summer shows.  Featured are Ronnie Ronalde, The Beverley Sisters, Alice Dells, The Two Heinkes and the Leslie Roberts Girls.

The very nature of this programme provokes seven lines of so-and-so is now appearing at such-and-such theatre in Radio Times where we learn that Tommy and the Girls are at the Windmill, Ronnie at the very same Wellington Pier Pavilion from which this programme is broadcast, the Bevs are at the Aquarium Theatre, Alice at the Gorleston Pavilion and the Heinkes at the Hippodrome. And they said the BBC wasn’t allowed to advertise.

Later the same evening there’s a repeat of Alfred Shaughnessy’s comedy Holiday for Simon with Jeremy Spenser as Simon.

The TV Page of the new edition of The Stage contains the Associated Broadcasting Company’s weekend schedule, to start on Saturday 24 September. This is intended to feature:

9.30am Weekend family magazine produced by Stephen Wade.

3.00pm A panel show, to be announced, produced by Dicky Leeman.
3.30pm My Hero a U.S. series starring Bob Cummings.
4.00pm Home with Joy Shelton – an advertising magazine.
4.30pm Dick Turpin – Highwayman – an exciting filmed adventure show.
5.00pm Michaela and Armand Dennis filmed in Africa.
5.15pm Saturday Sports Results produced by Cecil Petty.
5.30pm Do It Yourself – another admag, this time presented by TV handyman W. P. Matthew.
5.45pm Leslie Randall Entertains.

7.05pm News
7.15pm Around the Town – an audience participation Outside Broadcast show, produced by Keith Rogers and Bill Ward and directed by Dicky Leeman.
7.45pm A detective series, to be announced.
8.15pm Saturday Showtime from Wood Green, with Bill Ward in charge.
9.00pm Television Playhouse – plays.
10.00pm News and Newsreel from Independent Television News.
10.15pm The Jack Jackson Show from the Embassy Club, Bond Street.
11.00pm Closedown.

I think that’s enough excitement for one day, we’ll ABC’s Sunday line-up another time. In due course we’ll get to see how closely reality matched these plans, but that’s a few months away yet.


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