The world of British television off and on the screen, as it was sixty years ago.

Initially Puzzling

27 June 1955. It’s Monday. On the BBC there’s more bat, ball and racquet but programmes start with the longest title in the history of this, that or the other:  National Service of Intercession and Rededication to Commemorate the Tenth Anniversary of the Signing of the United Nations Charter.

Children’s television begins with a look at “Aunt Penny’s Washing” in today’s episode of Meet The Penguins which, by this point, has reached its fourth series+60. The stories were written by Josephine Smith Wright who, unlike in previous seasons, was credited as J. M. Smith Wright. Why the change? Any amateur detectives out there should get working.

Producing Penguins was Dorothea Brooking née Smith Wright, J. M.’s sister, and providing the voices were former TV Kanga Barbara Trevor and Kenneth Connor. The special effects – whatever could they be? – came by courtesy of Alfred Davis and Douglas Mair while the music was provided by John Hooper and the pictures by Sam and Elizabeth Williams.

Meanwhile… the newspaper critics were divided about last night’s new panel show One of the Family. While the Daily Herald enjoyed it, headlining their review with “New TV Game is a Winner”, the Daily Express‘s Robert Cannell is less enthusiastic and the headline writer has gone with “It’s No Winner This New TV Game.” You win some…


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