The world of British television off and on the screen, as it was sixty years ago.

Station to Station

Sunday 26 June 1955 is, of course, the first day to be listed in the new edition of Radio Times+60. For some while, the RT had interleaved the radio and television listings so that Sunday’s radio listings are followed by Sunday’s television listings which are followed by Monday’s radio listings – and so on. Last week’s RT had seen a change to this format whereby all the radio listings were near the front of the magazine while the television listings could be found on consecutive pages at the rear. It now seems that this wasn’t to be a permanent change but was in some way related to the national railway strike and subsequent state of emergency. How? I don’t know. But things are back to normal this week.

On the box, Franklin Engelmann is once again a chairman, this time of the panel show One of the Family. This week the panel includes Barbara Lyon, Molly Weir, Richard Murdoch and Frank Owen. Television presentation is by Ernest Maxin.

The evening’s play is Monica Dickens‘ “The Happy Prisoner” with Robert Brown as Oliver North and Sarah Lawson as the nurse Elizabeth Gray. John McNair adapts and Douglas Allen produces.

Having some space to fill, the RT’s Sunday listings page provides a handy list of transmitting stations and their channel numbers.

 Alexandra Palace 1
 Douglas, Isle of Man 5
 Glencairn 1
 Holme Moss 2
 Kirk o’ Shotts 3
 North Hessary Tor 2
 Norwich 3
 Pontop Pike 5
 Redmoss 4
 Rowridge 3
 Sutton Coldfield 4
 Truleigh Hill 2
 Wenvoe 5

I thought I’d reproduce it here, in case anyone finds it useful.

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